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Dans le sud de la France   
Les Focolari dans le sud de la France
International Official Web Site of Focolare Movement - Site International du mouvement des Focolari.
Focolare Movement - Official U.S. Website   
The Movement is made up of persons of all ages, races and walks of life. It is ecumenical. Members of the world's religions as well as persons of no religious affiliation also participate in the life of the Movement in varying degrees.
Focolare Movement Oceania   
offers towns and locations of witness, dialogues, and more.
Le mouvement des Focolari, créé par Chiara Lubich, est un courant de vie chrétienne, essentiellement laïc, né en 1943. Sa spiritualité est fondée sur l'appel évangélique à l'unité.
Fokolar-Bewegung Österreich   
Teilorganisation der von Chiara Lubich gegründeten weltweiten christlichen Bewegung. Die Ideen, Spiritualität und Bereiche werden vorgestellt, über Termine, Bücher und Lieder informiert. Das Magazin 'Neue Stadt' ist online abrufbar.
Youth for a United World   
We are young people representing different races and nationalities. We are part of the youth sector of the Focolare Movement founded by Chiara Lubich and we too have chosen to make the Gospel our lifestyle.
마리아사업회 (포콜라레)   
마리아사업회 일명 포콜라레 운동의 한국공식홈페이지. 마리아폴리, 젠운동, 새 가정 운동, 새 인류 운동, 그물지 등

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