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Chiesa S. Lucia al Gonfalone - Roma   
Missionari Clarettiani. S. Lucia entrò ben presto nel novero dei Santi più amati dai romani. Oltre a testi letterari che testimoniano la sua presenza nel culto romano fin dal sec. VI.
Claretian Missionaries   
Father Provincial expressed his sentiments of joy and hope, seeing seven young missionaries readying themselves for God's work, and thanked them for the gift of their commitment in the Claretian Congregation.
P?ina web oficial de los Misioneros Claretianos, Official Web Page of the Claretian Missionaries
Claretian Missionaries - NEID   
Claretian Missionaries - Northeast India Delegation.
Claretian Missionaries - Philippine Province   
Claretian Missionaries USA Province   
Like our founder, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, we strive to reflect God's reign of life, love, justice, and peace.
Claretian Missionaries – East Nigeria Province   
There are no upcoming events at this time. A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness. Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening
Congregação dos Missionários Filhos do Imaculado Coração de Maria fundada por Antônio Maria Claret
Claretians - Eastern Province   
The Claretian Missionaries are a Roman Catholic religious community of priests and brothers. We are dedicated to the mission of living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus.
Claretians de Catalunya   
El Superior General dels Claretians, el Pare Mathew Vattamattam, va visitar el passat 29 de novembre los Negrales (Provincia de Santiago) en motiu de la 22ª edició del programa Fragua.
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