Recommended sites
Catholic Information Network    
One of the earliest major Catholic web sites. News, web boards, mailing lists. Sections on saints, prayer, Church documents, liturgy.
John Paul I    
The smiling Pope.Biography, photo-gallery, beatification, anecdotes and testimonies, bibliography, the voice of the Pope, the conclave, teachings,links.
Immaculate Conception    
The Eternal-father's perfect reflection in creation is The Immaculate Conception and thus this Dogma is essential knowledge for the new evangelisation.
Contemporary Catholic Sacred Art    
Contemporary catholic sacred art, sculpture, mosaic, paintings and stations of the cross. for churches, shrines and sacred spaces.
Oblate blog    
The life of a Benedictine oblate    
Cath is a Roman Catholic website search engine. If you know a certain Catholic website, submit the homepage in this search engine.
Deo est Gloria Religious Life Directory    
One of the largest online directories of monasteries and religious orders in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The "Deo est Gloria" Directory now has more than 900 Listings!
Eternal Word Television Network    
Features programming information, WEWN radio, a digital Document Library, an Audio Library, Catholic Q&A, and Catholic News.
New Creation Productions    
A blog, updated regularly, with stories, testimonies & Christian Music videos and links. Smashing !
Handmaids of Mercy    
Catholic Mother of 6 discusses the role of Divine Mercy in daily life. Encourages other woman to be Handmaids of Mercy in seeking God's will Information about the Divine Mercy, St. Faustina, JP II (The Great Mercy Pope)and Mercy Saints.
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