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Diocese of Austin, Texas   
The official website for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin, Texas, USA
St. Austin's Catholic Parish   
Founded in 1908 as the third parish in the city of Austin, St. Austin's is served by the Paulist Fathers , a religious community of priests established in the United States in 1858.
St. Catherine of Siena - Austin, TX   
To love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves by: Creating an atmosphere for spiritual growth through liturgy
St. John Neumann   
Welcome to our Parish "Home on the Internet." St. John Neumann celebrated its 15th Anniversary this year!
St. Thomas More   
We at St. Thomas More parish are a Catholic Faith community from all walks of life, who foster a sense of family through love, acceptance, and mutual support.
St. Vincent de Paul - Austin, TX   
Lord Jesus Christ, we have come together in Your name, to work for the good of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Community
오스틴 성 김대건 안드레아 한인성당   
미국 텍사스(Texas) 주 오스틴(Austin) 소재. 성당소개, 미사/모임 안내, 사목회 및 단체 소개, 공지사항, 신앙강좌, 주소록, 게시판 등의 정보를 제공.
텍사스 A&M 한인 가톨릭 공동체   
미국 텍사스(Texas) 주 어스틴(Austin) 소재. 어스틴 한인성당 공소. 공동체 소개, 미사안내, 사목회, 주보, 유학생활 안내, 게시판, 방명록 등의 정보를 제공.

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