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Hands On Apologetics   
How to do Catholic Apologetics in a friendly and competient manner. The site also lot of information on the Deuterocanon (Apocrypha)
Catholic Response   
Features online pamphlets explaining the Catholic doctrine and morality bearing the imprimatur of Bishop Fabian Bruskewicz, Bishop of Lincoln, NB.
Holy Catholic..   
Defending the Roman Catholic Faith. Apologetics, Catholic Resources, Prayer Requests, Submit your own Catholic Apologetics.
Lumen Verum Apologetics   
Lumen Verum Apologetics is Australia's premier lay Catholic apologetics organization. They have a number of experienced speakers on staff and are available for apologetics presentations.
In Defense of the Roman Catholic Church   
In Defense of the Roman Catholic Church - Explaining Catholicism to Protestants as well as Catholics.
StayCatholic.com provides biblical evidence for Catholicism. The site features a number of articles and essays which present the case for Catholicism.

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