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Biblical Evidence for Catholicism   
Catholic biblical apologetics, theology, history, exegesis, Bible discussion, and analysis of Protestantism, led by apologist and author
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism   
This is a very large and multi-faceted site created by Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong, whose purpose is to provide information concerning the whole of Catholic theology.
Catholic Biblical Apologetics   
A set of lecture notes used since 1985 to teach the basis for key doctrines and dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church.
Catholic Apologetics - The American Catholic Truth Society   
Apologetics Email Lists, Discussion Groups and Resources! A one-stop Catholic Reference webpage!
Catholic Answers [catholic.com]   
A major Apologetics site. Contains a large number of pamphlet style questions and answers about the Faith, as well as sample articles from the magazine "This Rock" and a RealAudio archive of all of their daily one-hour talkback Catholic radio programs.
Catholic Apologetics International   
features debates, teaching seminars, conferences, publishing, resources, and more.
Catholic Faith and Reason   
Lay association in the Kansas City area dedicated to explaining the beauty of the Catholic faith. Essays on the Eucharist, the Holy Spirit, Mary, papal infallibility.
Nazareth Resouce Library   
A listing of questions, answers and articles explaining the Catholic faith.
Catholic Nucleus   
The Catholic Nucleus was designed to serve as center for Catholic resources and apologetics. It's main goal is to foster the education of Catholics and non-Catholics in the teachings and Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Catholic Pillar and Foundation   
This site focuses on Catholic apologetics and the author's personal experience. The site includes personal writings, links to apologetics material, and Byzantine icons. Purpose of site is evangelization of non- Catholics.
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