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Sisters of Charity - Foundation   
Provides support and financial assistance to community initiatives that benefit the poor and the under-served.
Christian Foundation for Children and Aging   
Lay Catholic organization creating relashionships between sponsors in the U.S and children and elderly people in 25 developing nations around the world
A UK Voluntary Catholic Charity established in 1967. Registered No. 270794. Our office is in Ware, Hertfordshire England. SPICMA usually works through the various Missionary Congregations and Diocesan Clergy
Catholic Fund for Overseas Development   
CAFOD works in partnership in over 75 countries to tackle the causes of poverty and encourage development regardless of race, religion or politics.
Catholic Welfare Services   
Our Mission is to promote human dignity, to highlight the preciousness of life, to encourage people to live life fully, and to help people to integrate better into society.
Simple House of Sts. Francis and Alphonsus   
A Simple House of Sts. Francis and Alphonsus is a lay missionary apostolate serving the poorest neighborhoods of our nation’s capital. All Simple House work is done by volunteers, and we have two locations in Washington, DC.
Catholic Social Services Melbourne   
Assisting the catholic church to serve the poor and work for a just society. Includes events, issues, members and a directory.
Hands that Help   
Teams of volunteers donate their time, money and personal vehicles to transport the donations to orphanages and shelters in Germany, Hungary, Italy and Romania.
Medjugorje International Relief   
Small charity group started in Manchester (UK) during the war in Bosnia, initially sending aid there, now, some 15 years later still continuing in a small way in many countries in support of the poor & the church
Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona   
Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, Inc., in collaboration with people of many beliefs, provides health and human services to individuals and families in need with supportive and healing programs.

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