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Congregation of Divine Providence   
The Congregation of Divine Providence, Melbourne, Kentucky is a community of women religious with a mission to be living witnesses to the Providence of God.
Pequeña Obra de la Divina Providencia   
Incluye biografía de Don Orione, detalles de las parroquias que sirven (incluyendo comunidades y capillas), de sus "casas" y seminario en el país, sus establecimientos educacionales, su servicio social a menores y ancianos.
Sisters of Divine Providence Marie de la Roche Province   
The Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence is an international community of women religious co-founded in Germany by Wilhelm Emmanuel
Sisters of Divine Providence San Antonio, Texas   
The Sisters of Divine, a community of Roman Catholic women religious rooted in their confidence that God is provident, participate in the mission of Jesus by responding to the needs of the time through ministry and service.
Sisters of Divine Providence Website   
The Sisters of Divine Providence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an apostolic community of 270 women religious and 60 Co- Members of varied and diverse backgrounds and talents whose mission is to make God's Providence more visible in the world.
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