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Chinese Regional Bishops' Conference of Taiwan
Church > Bishops' Conferences
天主教香港教區禮儀委員會- 禮儀協調員訓練課程學員互聯網   
禮儀協調員訓練課程互聯網, 禮委會訓練課程(2007-2008) 開課.
Catholic Culture > Liturgy
Church > Dioceses and Parishes > Asia > Taiwan
Bishops' Conference of Scotland   
Information on each Scottish diocese and its bishop, commissions and other agencies, contact information for many catholic organisations in Scotland.
Church > Bishops' Conferences
catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria   
The catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria, CBCN. The catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria is an organ of unity, communion and solidarity for the over thirty million catholics, spread across the thirty-six states and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It is the forum wherein the collegiality of Nigerian Bishops as successors of the Apostles in union with the Pope is expressed, and where the idea of Church as a family is witnessed to. Through the catholic Bishops Conference, the Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, and head of ecclesiastical jurisdictions – who as shepherds of souls pray, study and work together, and with the bond of unity created by the Conference – can speak with one voice as they spearhead the teaching, prophetic and pastoral ministry of the catholic Church in Nigeria.
Church > Bishops' Conferences
Australian catholic University   
Australian catholic University began in 1991 with the amalgamation of four catholic institutions of higher education. ACU is a public university, funded by the Australian Government.
Education > Colleges & Universities
禮儀年 資料 主日 信友禱文及領經參考 ‧ 逾越節三日慶典 禮儀觀摩 ‧ 每日讀經 凡事包容. 課程活動 聖言誦讀講義 下載
Catholic Culture > Liturgy
Church > Dioceses and Parishes > Asia > China
Lewis University, IL   
Lewis University is a comprehensive, catholic university where the traditions of liberal learning and preparation for professional life give the university its educational identity and mission focus.
Education > Colleges & Universities
Church > Dioceses and Parishes > Asia > Taiwan
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