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La Santa Misa de cada domingo y en español desde la iglesia Bleesed Trinity en Ocala Fl USA es descargada en Youtube cada domingo a las 7 PM hora local.
Daily Mass Readings   
Daily readings for the Mass of the Roman Catholic Church.
Die hl. Messe   
Allgemeinverständliche Informationen zum Aufbau einer Messfeier. Was ist uns die heilige Messe? Wie benützen wir sie? Wie werten wir sie?
Mass In Transit   
find catholic churches in your area. Free home page for Catholic Churches.
Mass Times   
provides mass times by city or ZIP, including non-English services for Catholic churches around the US.
Obras de San Agustín   
Readings and Psalms for the Month from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Philippine Mass Schedule   
The site that aims to publish Holy Mass and confession schedule of Catholic churches in the Philippines, the only christian country in Asia.
Saint Ann's Media Catholic Mass   
Mass readings, prayers, petitions, homilies.
Yezu akuzwe   
Le site qui partage les Lectures Saintes ainsi que l'homélie pour la communauté rwandophone du monde entier, chaque jour. Urubuga rutugezaho amasomo matagatifu buri munsi agendanye na liturujiya, mu kinyarwanda.
오늘의 말씀(매일미사)   
가톨릭인터넷 GoodNews에서 제공하는 자료. 매일 미사 독서와 복음, 묵상, 고유기도문, 날짜별 검색 등의 정보를 제공.

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