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Daughters of the Holy Spirit USA Province   
A congregation of vowed religious women rooted in a Trinitarian spirituality, reverencing the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Equipo de animación misionera   
Recursos y datos para el trabajo misionero de la congregación de las Siervas del Espíritu Santo.
Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters - Philadelphia   
The Philadelphia convent, their lives, charism, history, location and vocational information.
Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters - St. Louis, Missouri   
The home page of Mount Grace Convent featuring information about the convent, ministries, history, and points of contact for Mount Grace Convent.
Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters - Brisbane, Australia   
Information on the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in Brisbane, and the services they provide.
Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters Australia and Fiji   
Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters are multicultural group of Catholic women living and working through the world. In Australia and Fiji they work in Religions
Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in the USA-SSpS   
The American province of the Holy Spirit sisters. Charisma, history and vocational information available.
Misioneras Siervas del Espíritu Santo   
Somos Mujeres amadas llamadas y enviadas por Dios Uno y Trino desde todas las naciones para ser una Comunidad que vive el Evangelio, consagradas para
Missionárias Servas do Espírito Santo    
Missionárias Servas do Espírito Santo. Província Sul. + Brasil. + Casa Províncial . .. ide pelo mundo e evangelizai... - Hospitalar. - Educacional. Missionárias
Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS)   
Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit, Servae Spiritus Sanctus or SSpS, founded in Steyl by St. Arnold Janssen, Bl. Maria Helena Stollenwerk and Bl.
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