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Brot & Rosen Community   
Brot und Rosen Community in Hamburg, Germany, has information in both English and German about German Catholic Worker communities.
Catholic Worker   
Jumping-off point for the Catholic Worker Roundtable, the Dorothy Day Library on the Web, and other Catholic Worker links. Also a list of Catholic Worker houses with web pages.
Catholic Worker   
Key documents on the history and philosophy of the Catholic Worker Movement. Also information about Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, and other Catholic Worker pioneers.
Des Moines Catholic Worker Community   
Housing, meals, clothing, showers, and food pantry. Essays and news.
Fargo-Moorhead Dorothy Day House of Hospitality   
The Dorothy Day House of Hospitality is a homeless shelter based on the Catholic Worker movement. The Catholic Worker Movement, founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933, is grounded in a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person.
Houston Catholic Worker   
Articles on the history, philosophy, theology, and practice of the Catholic Worker Movement. Description of services provided by Casa Juan Diego to the homeless, battered women, and new immigrants in Houston, Texas. Includes newspaper and links.
Las Vegas Catholic Worker   
Opportunities to serve the poor and work for justice. Photos of recent activities.
London Catholic Worker   
The London Catholic Worker has been brought together by the action of Jubilee Ploughshares. Those who came together had long sensed the need for a Catholic Worker community of hospitality and resistance in the world’s second imperial city.
Los Angeles Catholic Worker   
The Los Angeles Catholic Worker community is part of the lay Catholic Worker movement founded over seventy years ago by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin to "feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner".
Martin de Porres House of Hospitality   
Founded in 1971 Martin's is a community of people with diverse spiritual practices inspired by the Catholic Worker Movement, and operates a soup kitchen.
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