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Ce site présente la tradition contemplative chrétienne avec des pratiques contemplatives, des prières, des textes
Associazione Falco Bianco   
Studiare, affermare e divulgare la natura metafisica dell'uomo, concependolo come un essere finito che aspira all'infinito,
The idea of contemplation is connected with that of mystical theology.
Contemplating the Christian Mysteries   
The Veil examines the Mysteries of the Christian Revelation in a manner which is catholic in its universality and orthodox in its conformity to the deposit of faith as founded in Apostolic and Patristic Tradition.
Filles de la Sagesse   
Site consacré à la prière et à l'engagement d'une Communauté dans le quotidien pour le promotion de la Vie sous toutes ses formes

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