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Congregation du Saint-Esprit   
Congrégation des Spiritains du Quebec.
Misioneros del Espíritu Santo   
Descripción, espiritualidad y propósito.
Missionnaires du St-Esprit, Les Spiritains   
Site de la Congrégation du Saint-Esprit.
Spiritans, The Congregation of the Holy Ghost   
The Spiritans, founded in 1703, are a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of over three thousand members dedicated to working with the poor and in those situations where the Church has difficulty in finding ministers.
Spiritans: Eastern USA Province   
The Congregation of the Holy Ghost and the Immaculate Heart of Mary is an international organization serving in new and underserved areas of the church.
Spiritans: Irish Province   
The Spiritans' (formerly known as The Holy Ghost Fathers) world-wide web-site.
Spiritans: Province of Great Britain   
The Spiritans presence and apostolate in the UK.

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