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Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis of Assisi, Cincinnati, OH   
This is a vocational site about being a Catholic Brother as a Catholic Vocation in the Religious Life of the Catholic Church and about the vocation of the Brothers
CFFB Conferência da Família Franciscana do Brasil   
Histórico, programação, boletim Irmão Sol, publicações, santoral, biografia de São Francisco e Santa Clara, notícias e links para os sites Franciscanos no Brasil e no mundo.
Custodia Terræ Sanctæ   
Christian Information Centre · Omar Ibn el Qattab Sq. P.O.B 14308 91142 Jerusalem ISRAEL
Directorio franciscano   
Artículos y enlaces con referencia a San Francisco de Asís y los franciscanos. Santos, bibliografía, noticias.
Francescani dell'Immacolata   
Sito dell'Istituto religioso dei Francescani dell'Immacolata, famiglia religiosa di frati e suore di diritto pontificio che si ispirano all'ideale di S. Massimiliano Maria Kolbe.
Franciscan Brothers of Peace, Saint Paul, MN    
New congregation being founded in Minnesota, mainly work with the poor and for justice.
Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross: St. James Monastery   
The Congregation of Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross is a religious community of men vowed to sharing in the Mission of Jesus by serving the needs of the Church in the Franciscan Tradition.
Franciscan Brothers, Brooklyn, NY   
Roman Catholic. Profile, photographs, history, community, service, contact information.
Franciscan Caring, Eureka, MO   
The Franciscan Missionary Brothers of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, their work, their nursing homes, FAQ about nursing home care, and information about becoming a Brother.
Franciscan Monastery | An Oasis of Peace, Washington, DC   
Our Mission · Our Mission · History · Helping Holy Land Christians · The Good Friday Collection · Monastery · History · Directions · Tours · Mass Schedule

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