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Medjugorje International Relief   
Small charity group started in Manchester (UK) during the war in Bosnia, initially sending aid there, now, some 15 years later still continuing in a small way in many countries in support of the poor & the church
Michigan Catholic Conference    
The Michigan Catholic Conference promotes a social order that respects the dignity of the human person and serves the common good in the spirit of the Beatitudes and in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church
New Hampshire Catholic Charities   
Provides counseling, classes, support groups, homes for children and the elderly, job training, immigration assistance, maternity and adoption services, food bank program, and referrals to other resources.
Reiser Relief Inc. - Helping the Poor in Haiti   
Reiser Relief: a non-profit corporation founded by Fr. Reiser in 1996 with a mission to help the impoverished people of the country of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere: schools, orphanages elderly, fresh water, feeding.
Secours Catholique   
Apporter, partout où le besoin s'en fera sentir, à l'exclusion de tout particularisme national ou confessionnel, tout secours et toute aide directe ou indirecte quelles que soient les options philosophiques ou religieuses des bénéficiaires.
Share the Blessings   
an organization that works to educate people about the needs of our brothers and sisters in developing countries and to provide assistance to those in need.
Simple House of Sts. Francis and Alphonsus   
A Simple House of Sts. Francis and Alphonsus is a lay missionary apostolate serving the poorest neighborhoods of our nation’s capital. All Simple House work is done by volunteers, and we have two locations in Washington, DC.
Sisters of Charity - Foundation   
Provides support and financial assistance to community initiatives that benefit the poor and the under-served.
A UK Voluntary Catholic Charity established in 1967. Registered No. 270794. Our office is in Ware, Hertfordshire England. SPICMA usually works through the various Missionary Congregations and Diocesan Clergy
Sponsor a child in need   
Christian Children's Fund of Canada reaches out around the world to children in need, families and communities of all faiths to demonstrate Christ's love.

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