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Red Iberoamericana de Estudio de las Sectas   
Blog permanentemente actualizado de la Red Iberoamericana de Estudio de las Sectas (RIES), una institución católica dedicada al estudio y la ayuda sobre el fenómeno sectario y la nueva religiosidad.
Revolution of Love(RoL)   
a collection of articles, reviews, testimonies and interviews about living your Catholic faith each day. It is an open-letter, serving as a tool to connect and share the Gospel message with Gen X & Y -- the JPII Generation.
Reza el Rosario   
Rezar el Santo Rosario, adoración online, capilla, evangelio del día, homilías, liturgia de las horas, catecismo, biblia, viacrucis, testimonios, nueva era, ocultismo, radio, podcast, sectas, Papa Francisco, cine´.
Star of the Sea | Catholic Resources from Paul Thigpen   
The purpose of this site is to help Catholics deepen their faith in Our Lord, and to help others learn more about the Catholic faith, by making available to them online and through purchase my articles, books, tapes, and talks.
The Franciscan Archive   
A WWW Resource on St. Francis do Assisi and everything Franciscan.
Thomas Evangelie   
Nederlandse HomePage van het Thomas Evangelie. Informatie over dit 'vijfde evangelie' en veel links naar sites over dit onderwerp.
Saints, Sainthood, and Society (Halsall)
한국천주교주교회의 문헌자료실   
한국천주교주교회의에서 제공하는 자료실. 한국주교회의 문헌, 제2차 바티칸공의회 문헌, 교황청 문헌, 교황 문헌, 각종 통계, 교회용어, 교회법전, 가톨릭 교회 통계, 교회 용어, 한국 교회사 사료

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