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Carmelite Monastery - Georgetown, California, USA   
One of the monasteries in the US.
Carmelite Monastery of Cristo Rey, San Francisco CA    
Carmel of Cristo Rey San Francisco, California cmcrnuns.org. Work In Progress! We are in the process of constructing our website and look forward to sharing
Carmelite Monastery of Our Lady and Saint Therese   
The monastery, formerly a private residence, consists of two buildings on a six acre lot within the city limits. A vast expanse of lawn, trees and gardens provide ample solitude and seclusion for the contemplative life
Carmelite Monastery of San Diego, CA   
Who We Are · Why We Are · What We Do · What We Want · Our Roots · Things That Matter · Where We Are · Time and Space · Photo Album
Carmelite Monastery of the Holy Cross, Iron Mountain, MI    
Discalced Carmelites - Videos and Slideshow · Prayer is the Heart of Carmel · Carmel is All Mary's · Holy Habit · Family Spirit in our Cloistered Community
Carmelite Monastery of the Mother of God, San Rafael, CA    
It was the genius of St. Teresa of Avila, in the Spain of the 16th century, that captured the spirit of the prophet Elijah.
Carmelite Monastery, Jackson, MS    
The Holy Spirit moves in extraordinary ways when extraordinary events are meant to occur. Such was the case when it was deemed good and proper that there become established , in the heart of America's 'Bible Belt' a Carmelite Monastery
Carmelite Monastery, Mobile, AL   
Visit us at Carmelite Monastery to learn more about cloistered contemplative religious life in Mobile, AL make prayer requests.
Carmelite Nuns - Allentown Monastery, Coopersburg, PA    
About Mother Therese of Jesus, O. Carm. About Carmelite Nuns of Allentown. + Home + Mother Therese + Allentown Carmel History + Vocations + Horarium
Carmelite Nuns of Ada (Parnell) Michigan   
Our Monastery was founded in 1916 from Queretaro, Mexico when 16 Carmelites fled to the United States during the persecution of the Church.

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