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The Melchizedek Project   
Catholic men need to pray about their lives, listen for God's voice, and the ultimate guide for discerning a vocation to the Catholic priesthood.
VISION Vocation Network for Catholic Vocations   
We have many exciting features to help you discern your life's calling. Whether you are interested in consecrated life—such as becoming a nun, brother, priest, or monk—or simply looking for ways to deepen your faith.
Vocaciones Sacerdotales   
Información sobre retiros, testimonios y Legionarios de Cristo.
Vocation Quest: Discerning a Religious Vocation   
Eight-day online retreat for women discerning a call to religious life, with other discernment resources.
How do i know if i have a monastic Vocation? these are photos and a video, that start to answer that question.Testimonies and advice from young American Monks in Italy.
assist those who are investigating a call to religious life in the Roman Catholic Church
General information on discerning a vocation in religious life as an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales.
Vocations in the Brothers of the Christian Schools   
The De La Salle Christian Brothers is the largest order of religious Brothers. This site explains their unique charism and provides useful information and guidance to men discerning their own vocations.
Vocations Ireland   
Religious Vocations Association, comprising Vocation Directors from all the Religious, Missionary and Contemplative Orders/Congregations of Sisters, Brothers and Priests who have a presence in Ireland.
Vocations Placement Service   
Vocations Placement Service is a non-profit organization dedicated to one mission: providing information on people and places who can help in the discernment process for those serious men and women who have a calling to the religious life.

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