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Carmelite Third Order in the Philippines   
The Informational Website of the Carmelite Third Order in the Philippines
Secular Order Discalced Carmelites Washington Province   
Under the protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, in the biblical tradition of the prophet Elijah and inspired by the teachings of St Teresa of Jesus and St John of the Cross, they seek to deepen their Christian commitment received in baptism.
Secular Order Of Discalced Carmelites - Canada   
Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St. Teresa of Jesus - A Carmelite Secular Community. A way of life for faithful members of the Roman Catholic church who feel called to enter a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the rich spiritual heritage
Lay Carmelites of Atlanta Georgia    
Our Lady Of Mercy Catholic Church in Greece, NY USA, part of the Diocese of Rochester, NY USA. A close knit and caring parish community known for actively reaching out to people in need and renewed growth in size and spirit.
Lay Carmelites - Ontario Region    
Public website of the Lay Carmelites of Ontario and Northwestern New York Region.

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