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Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy is an association of Catholics established on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul 1995, to promote authentic reform of the Liturgy of the Roman Rite.
Association of Hebrew Catholics   
Working to preserve the identity and heritage of Catholics of Jewish origin within the Church, to enable them to serve the Lord and all people within the mystery of their irrevocable calling.
Association for Latin Liturgy   
Promotes the use of spoken and sung Latin in the liturgy. Based in the UK, invites membership from Catholics around the world. FAQ, publications, excerpts from newsletters.
National Association of the Holy Name Society   
The National Association of the Holy Name Society promotes the honor and glory of our Divine God and the personal sanctification of its members by acts of love and devotion to the most Holy Name of Jesus.
National Association of State Catholic Conference Directors   
An association of the Executive Directors of the State Catholic Conferences, organized in 1968 to facilitate and encourage the exchange of information among its members pertaining to the activities, programs and organizations of the Conferences.
Society of St. James the Apostle   
Association of diocesan priests whose purpose is to provide services to other diocese in South America critically short of clergy, includes newsletter.
DIPLOMATIC Society OF ST. GABRIEL was founded as a professional fellowship among diplomats
National Associaton of Hispanic Priest   
ANSH is an association of priests, fruit of the long process of development and consolidation of various other associations of priests, established according to the guidelines of the document "Presbiterorum ordinis"
Catholic Book Publishers Association   
The Catholic Book Publishers Association facilitates the sharing of professional information, networking, cooperation, and friendship among those involved in Catholic Book Publishing in the United States and abroad.
National Association of Catholic Chaplains   
The National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) is a professional association for certified chaplains and Clinical Pastoral Education(CPE) supervisors who participate in the healing mission of Jesus Christ.

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