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Servants of Mary - Servite Sisters   
As Servants of Mary, we look to Mary, mother in faith, sister in discipleship, sign of the church, and see ourselves as servants who come not to be served, but to serve
Order of Friar Servants of Mary (Servites)   
Our constitutions state: "Responding to the command of the Lord to proclaim the gospel to all, Servants of Mary should feel an obligation to go where the Church is not yet established or where it is not yet self-sufficient
Servants of Mary Servite Sisters   
Servite Sisters, Servants of Mary International Congregation of London/Cuves,Internet Postcards
International Congregation of Servite Sisters    
Catholic Congregation of women religious and lay associates called to bring the compassionate presence of God, in the spirit of Mary, to all those whom we meet and with whom we minister.
Servite Sisters of Swaziland (OSM)    
Servite Sisters of Swaziland (OSM) - Catholic Diocese of Manzini. Diocesan Congregation founded on 14 February 1932.
St Mary's Home - Kyauktan Myanmar Burma   
A Religious Congregations of Nuns, called, THE SERVITE SISTERS run this Home. The SERVITE SISTERS are a congregation of nuns, organically affiliated to the World-wide Religious Order called SERVI DI MARIA, consisting of Servite Friars and Servite Sisters.

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