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Catholic priests operating missions and schools   
The Spiritans Catholic order, or Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers, assist the poor and operate schools, missions and seminaries throughout the world.
Congregation du Saint-Esprit   
Congrégation des Spiritains du Quebec.
Misioneros del Espíritu Santo   
Descripción, espiritualidad y propósito.
Missionnaires du St-Esprit, Les Spiritains   
Site de la Congrégation du Saint-Esprit.
Spiritans, The Congregation of the Holy Ghost   
The Spiritans, founded in 1703, are a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of over three thousand members dedicated to working with the poor and in those situations where the Church has difficulty in finding ministers.
Spiritans: Eastern USA Province   
The Congregation of the Holy Ghost and the Immaculate Heart of Mary is an international organization serving in new and underserved areas of the church.
Spiritans: Irish Province   
The Spiritans' (formerly known as The Holy Ghost Fathers) world-wide web-site.
Spiritans: Province of Great Britain   
The Spiritans presence and apostolate in the UK.

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