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The official liturgical texts of the Catholic Church available online for the first time. Subscription based.
Pastorale vieringen   
Voor de liturgische vieringen op school, parochie, jeugdbeweging.
Polish-American Liturgical Center   
Provides Polish-Americans with the most current liturgical materials including scripture translations and sermons in Polish. Information on Polish traditions. Tour of Orchard Lake Schools. Prayers in Polish language.
Schola Saint Maur   
Chant grégorien, liturgie romaine, spiritualité. Chorale grégorienne, liturgie, technique et réflexions. Textes liturgiques latin-français en ligne. Forme ordinaire du rite romain.
Secretariado Nacional de Liturgia   
Calendário Litúrgico para Portugal Guiné e Cabo Verde. Missal Romano, documentos e informações.
The Liturgical Commission   
Assisting Catholic parishes and schools to celebrate liturgy well. Courses and workshops, resources, and consultancy services.
The Medieval Calculator   
A JavaScript calculator to prepare liturgical calendars for years and months according to the Julian calendar.
Werkgroep voor Liturgie Heeswijk   
Liturgie vanuit de norbertijnse traditie van de Abdij van Berne. Verzorgt liturgische en liturgisch-catechetische uitgaven.
禮儀年 資料 主日 信友禱文及領經參考 ‧ 逾越節三日慶典 禮儀觀摩 ‧ 每日讀經 凡事包容. 課程活動 聖言誦讀講義 下載
天主教香港教區禮儀委員會- 禮儀協調員訓練課程學員互聯網   
禮儀協調員訓練課程互聯網, 禮委會訓練課程(2007-2008) 開課.

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