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Franciscan Monastery   
Located in Washington, DC. Includes schedule of Masses and tours, directions, information on the affiliated laymen's groups Knights of Mt. St. Sepulchre and the Garden Guild, and forms for prayer requests and vocational information.
Franciscan Monastery | An Oasis of Peace, Washington, DC   
Our Mission · Our Mission · History · Helping Holy Land Christians · The Good Friday Collection · Monastery · History · Directions · Tours · Mass Schedule
Franciscans International   
Franciscans International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with General Consultative status at the UN, uniting the voices of Franciscan brothers and sisters from around the world.
Franciscans of the Eucharist    
Franciscans of the Eucharist, Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, Chicago, IL
Über den Franziskanerorden und seine Tätigkeit in Deutschland.
Franziskaner Schweiz - OFM Schweiz   
Ermöglicht wird ein virtueller Besuch der Kloster-Serverbibliothek auf der schweizerischen Insel.
Franziskanerkloster Marienthal   
Die Mönche des Wallfahrtsortes im Rheingau bieten Informationen zum klösterlichen Leben und zur Wallfahrt.
Friary of Our Lady of the Holy Family, Paterso, NJ   
I welcome you to our website. It will explain the Franciscans of Our Lady of the Holy Family. I invite you to consider this amazing adventure - a vocation.
Friends of the Monastery, Summit, NJ   
Welcome to newarkfriary.org, home of the Friends of the Newark Monastery. collage. See the Gallery for new pictures of the friars! The Friends of the Newark Monastery.
Hermanos Franciscanos de Cruz Blanca   
Huesca, España. Su carisma gira en torno a la asistencia a los enfermos incurables y a los más necesitados.

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